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Who is a Candidate for Clear + Brilliant?

Who is a Candidate for Clear + Brilliant?

Published On: February 13, 2024Views: 140

If you’re seeking a non-invasive yet highly effective solution to address various skin concerns, Clear + Brilliant might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 22 Spa MD recognizes the need for quality skin treatments that are not only effective but safe for all. With the innovative and gentle technique utilized in Clear + Brilliant, all patients can now enjoy revitalized skin.

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant treatments are currently one of the gentlest treatment options for skin rejuvenation and youth preservation. Utilizing controlled and targeted laser energy, Clear + Brilliant’s fractional technology gently heats damaged tissues in the surface layers of the skin to encourage removal and healthy tissue replacements. Clear + Brilliant treatments are fast-acting, with most patients seeing results after one treatment. However, four to six 20-minute sessions are generally recommended for optimal and long-lasting results.

Who is a Candidate?

Clear + Brilliant treatments are designed to offer personalized treatment that targets the patient’s unique and specific concerns. Generally, patients who are struggling with the signs of aging are ideal candidates for this specific treatment—utilizing gentle lasers, Clear + Brilliant can safely offer rejuvenation for every skin type.

You Have Specific Skin Concerns that Clear + Brilliant Can Address

The innovative technology utilized in Clear + Brilliant can target a host of concerns both common and more personal, including:

  •       Fine Lines
  •       Uneven Skin Tone
  •       Enlarged Pores
  •       Dulled Complexion

You Already Have Filler/Botox and Want to Boost your Skincare Results

Given Clear + Brilliant’s gentle nature and comprehensive treatment properties, patients are often encouraged to consider pairing their treatment with the laser or vice versa. Not only will this amplify the apparent results and hasten their visibility but pairing Clear + Brilliant with other advanced cosmetic treatments can increase the longevity of both results, meaning patients will need less frequent maintenance appointments.

Prevent Early Signs of Aging

Clear + Brilliant works by creating countless microscopic injuries along the surface layers of the treatment zone. These injuries encourage the body’s natural healing process without creating any real damage. As a result, the healing process forces out damaged and older cells, replacing them with strong and healthy tissue. This new tissue helps rejuvenate the appearance, restoring youth in a patient’s appearance.

Treat Sun Damaged Skin

Just as these micro-injuries reverse signs of the aging process, they also help push out sun-damaged tissues. Sun damage is most prevalent on the surface layers of the skin, where the sun’s ultraviolet rays are directly absorbed. The Clear + Brilliant device focuses its energy specifically on the surface layers, seeking out these and other damaged cells to replace them. Most patients can see an improvement in uneven skin tone in just one session.

Results from Clear + Brilliant

Some immediate Clear + Brilliant results are visible, though often these are fairly stubble. Your skin will continue to improve in the following days, leaving you with clearer, smoother, and stronger skin. These benefits will all be apparent after one session, but improvement will continue to develop with repeat sessions. Initial sessions are usually spaced out over three to six months apart after which patients can expect results to last a few years depending on their adherence to maintenance and age.

There is no real downtime with Clear + Brilliant, though it is generally recommended that patients avoid excessive sun exposure and maintain regular sun protection. You will also be encouraged to avoid touching the treated area for 24 hours and may be recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for the first day.

Schedule a Consultation

22 Spa MD is a proud provider of quality cosmetic treatments. Located outside of Salt Lake City in Cottonwood Heights, UT, our expert team eagerly assists unique patients with their revolutionary transformation. To get started on your own aesthetic journey, schedule a consultation with 22 Spa MD today.

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