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The Benefits of IV Therapy Cocktails

The Benefits of IV Therapy Cocktails

Published On: October 20, 2023Views: 214

IV therapy is an extremely customizable and cost-effective way to reach your health goals. At 22 Spa MD, we offer over 10 different cocktail blends with shot boosters designed to offer you a personalized nutrient regimen. During a consultation, our providers can help you determine the best blend for your needs. Here’s a quick guide to our IV therapy cocktails and how you can benefit.

What is IV Therapy?

Cocktail therapy is a versatile option that delivers potent vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream through an IV. It has many benefits over traditional supplements, mainly that you receive the full benefit of your chosen vitamins by bypassing the digestive system. It can produce almost immediate results and is a great way to boost immunity before a big trip, recover from a night out, manage pain, boost athletic performance, and much more.

What is an IV Therapy Cocktail?

IV therapy can be composed of a single vitamin, mineral, or nutrient, or it can contain multiple. A cocktail therapy includes a unique blend of nutrients that work together to boost results, as well as offering customizability for your unique needs. We offer many different cocktails that can be further customized with shot boosters based on your needs.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy can have a wide range of positive effects on your body and overall wellness. Here are just a few.

Increased Immunity

Immunity cocktails can be a great option for getting ready for a big vacation where you don’t want to get sick – or getting over a cold faster. Our Quaran-tini cocktail contains vitamin C and zinc to help fight illness. Our Myers cocktail is a great all-in-one option that can also help reduce fatigue and symptoms of allergies, along with boosting your immune system. Add a shot of glutathione to any of our blends for extra antioxidant protection.

Hangover Reduction

Recovering from a hangover doesn’t have to cut into your schedule. Our Hangover Reduction blend can help you rehydrate and recover faster, relieving symptoms and helping you get back to feeling like yourself. You can even add a B12 shot to give yourself a boost and get back on your feet.

Alleviated Migraines

Our Pain Killer and Mind Eraser blends are great options for migraines, chronic pain, and debilitating headaches. You can feel instantly better and get back to the activities you love.

Increased Energy

Fatigue can interfere with many different aspects of day-to-day life. Our Rose All Day cocktail can help boost energy and metabolism, and our Bees Knees NAD+ can help support cellular health to help you feel younger and more vibrant. You can even add a B12+ shot to enhance your weight loss and fitness results.

Improved Skin

Feeling dry and dull? Our Skin & Tonic cocktail includes vitamin B complex and biotin to support healthier skin, hair, and nails. Our Bees Knees NAD+ blend can also help clear skin, thicken nails, and revitalize your body on a cellular level.

Improved Mood

Our Dark & Stormy cocktail can help combat symptoms of anxiety, depression, and low mood. It’s a great way to pick yourself up and see noticeable results. You can also add a shot of vitamin D to any of our blends!

Chelation Therapy

Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning such as from iron, mercury, lead, and arsenic can be treated with our Molotov Cocktail blend. Detox and feel like yourself again with this unique therapy.

Schedule a Consultation

Ready to explore our cocktail therapies? We can customize a unique blend tailored to your needs. Monthly IV therapy sessions are also available through our membership program. To get started, contact our Salt Lake City office today by calling or contacting us online.

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